Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 29

Today started out with good intentions. I actually picked up a small vanity for the half bath on CraigsList for cheap. The countertop on the current vanity is not attractive. Heck, let me just go ahead and say - it is butt UGLY! The only way I know how to describe the color is pee-pee-yellow. It just screams urine sample. What really makes it even more attractive is the gold sparkles that is in the pee-pee color. Stop - I know you're already going to send me an email and beg me to save it for you, but I'm sure I can make a killing off of it on eBay. There is also burns all over it from where the previous owners must have rested their cigarettes while they 'did their business'. Anyways, I got a white cultured marble countertop/sink for a whopping fifteen smackeroos! If only I could score the same deal on the full bathroom!

Colton's grandparents came up to see the house this morning. Papaw Gil went over the breaker box in detail to make sure it was nice and safe. My Mom walked Mamaw Linda around showing her the 90,000 flowers that are in the yard. I was tickled that they made the those folks!

After that, I went on a vanity search and just kept coming up empty-handed. About 4:00, I got a phone call and a wild hair and took off to Knoxville. My heart just wasn't into working on the house today and I was due some R&R. I went and met my long lost twin and did things that made me happy and took my mind off unhappy things and came home with happy things. Thank you for everything, LP and thank you, MP for being so patient and courteous while I traipsed around like a kid in a candy store.

It's way late for this old gal, so g'night.

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