Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 16

Well, I ain't gonna lie. I got nada done today. Colton got home late last night and was tired from a big day with his Daddy that included Lake Winnie. He woke up about 7:30 and asked if he could go to Lake Winnie again and have blue sherbert from "store 31" (Baskin Robbins) for breakfast. Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. I just let him little fella needed the rest.

I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got on up. While in the shower, I noticed my feet looked funny. Upon closer inspection, I could see spray paint all over them. I guess I should have known better than to spray paint in flip-flops, but lesson learned. Okay, this next part gets a little personal, but looking back, it's too funny not to share. When I ran into Wal-Mart yesterday, I grabbed a couple of packages of new undies. After showering, I went to put a pair on and they wouldn't go over my fat thighs. Now I'm not a gal who obssesses over my weight (even though I would love to be skinny), but this was ridiculous. I've ate lots of take-out in the last couple of weeks, but COME ON! I tried on a second pair with the same result and started feeling kinda weepy (it's the nicotine I tell ya). I double-checked the package and they were marked my size - which is 9 (yes - my booty is huge). After another moment or two of freaking out, I came to my senses and decided to check the label in the undies - it read 6. Well, hellfire and brimstone, some punk had taken the sticker on the package and turned it upside down. I hope their behind grows 6 inches just for giving me that scare! Anyway, Colton got up about 10:30 and I took him to Baskin Robbins for breakfast and then dropped him at his Dad's.

I headed to Dalton with a couple of places in mind to check their vanity selection; however, I had forgotten that many businesses are not allowed to be open on Sundays (is that called the Blue Law)? I was a pissed-off chick not a happy camper as I laid down the rubber drove happily back to Tennessee.

Mom met me at my house and brought me back a plate of home-cooked food. Our annual family reunion was today and she was nice enough to think of me and I ate it up!

I checked my spray-paint projects - both turned out good! I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. I dragged a bunch more trash out to the road for pick-up tomorrow and that's about it.

Colton's dad brought him home and took a look at the house. He's been sweet enough to offer to run a paint sprayer, so I can get everything done waaaaay quicker! He also looked at the floors and is going to help me on those. I've got to get everything taped off by Thursday and hopefully we can get it sprayed then. Man, that would shave some time off my schedule!

I've also got to get Daddy started on moving the wall, so I can get the plumber back in.

So much to do!

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