Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 34

Hello, my friends. Around 4:00, Mom called and said she found a tick on Colton. Being the calm person that I am, I instructed her to take him to the doctor because I just knew he had tick fever and that's why he was sick on Wednesday. The doctor removed the tick and advised it was not the "tick fever" kind, but that he had never seen this kind get so attached and big. Colton said "it freakin' hurt when the doctor pulled that tick off". I was so relieved everything was okay. Of course, we don't know for sure where it came from, but we do have a couple of furry four-legged suspects in mind (sorry, Mickey).

I had planned on painting on the Kilz in the three bedrooms, but my Mom's friend kindly showed up to mow my yard this evening - he is a sweetheart. He used to mow our yard when Mama was taking her chemo. The yard really doesn't look that bad, but the grass is deceivingly much taller than it appears. Bless his heart - he didn't know what he signed up for.

I pulled Colton's wagon around the yard along with a couple of trash cans trying to pick up all of the limbs so he could mow. OMG...I was so freakin' super hot and not in a good supermodel kind of way! In my head, I was cussing begrudging all of you people who don't have trees in your yard. After a couple of hours, I wasn't even sure I could straighten back up I had bent over so many thousand times. I finally decided that I had enough and went inside. I would have loved to have had a shower to jump into and even gave thought to turning the waterhose on myself; however, I knew the paparazzi would send the pictures to Hugh Heffner and he bugs me enough as it is. tehe

The bottom line is, as pretty as all of those trees in my yard are, I've decided to chop them all down and have a giant bonfire on Friday night. See you there...BYOB!

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