Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 39 - Kilz'n Partteeeeee

My sister came home from work with a paint sprayer. I was very excited! I had read online that unless you have a commercial grade sprayer, not to bother trying to run any latex paint through it because it wouldn't work. Well, guess what? That's absolutely right! The Kilz is the Kilz 2 Latex brand, so the sprayer sadly spit and sputtered a few drops on the wall. Unless you dilute it, it just isn't going to happen. Diluting the Kilz would defeat the purpose of using it, so we were back to square one. Tess and Becky both showed up to help and Colton was also there to help (he was dying to paint). While they got started, I freaked out thinking I had tore up the sprayer and was desperately rinsing it out trying to get all of the Latex out of it. I got in touch with the owner's husband and he shared that the thing had never worked - even with regular paint. Whew...what a relief! I cleaned the sprayer up and set it aside (boohoo).

All three bedrooms are Kilz'd - give me a big cheer! Some of the trim around the windows is going to need another coat or two. Also, trying to get Colton out of the way (bless his heart), I sent him to the living room with a roller. Can I just say? That paneling looked mighty trendy and cute with just the white Kilz on it - it is going to be so super slick when it's finished. Even though I know that some of you will have me shoveling coal for painting it...sorry, it's completely dated to say the least and just not worth any money. If it ever does come back into style, I can always sand and restain it since alot of the varnish is coming off anyways.

Gotta scrub some of this paint off...later!

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