Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 37 - You're Invited To My...

I got up early and went over to get started rolling the Kilz on the three bedrooms. I had picked up the Kilz at Wal-Mart yesterday and that 5-gallon bucket was heavy. I was shooting evil eyes at the paint counter clerk who watched me hoist it into the buggy and offered no assistance. I gave him more evil eyes as I wheeled past him...all the while chatting on my cell. Maybe that's why? Anyway, when I poured the Kilz out, it was like water and almost clear. Never having used Kilz before - I really didn't think anything about it at first. When I rolled it onto the wall, it was so runny! When I tried rolling it on the ceiling, it was a disaster - and that darn stuff burns when it drips into your eyes (especially when they are evil eyes). After about ten minutes, my brain kicked in and I realized that the bucket had not been mixed up. I popped the entire lid off and stuck a paint stick way down in there...yep, lots of thicker gooey stuff on the bottom. I literally just about blew a gasket. After the rage subsided and I wiped the foam from my mouth, I acknowledge that it was probably my fault for chatting on my cell and giving him evil eyes for not offering to help me load it in the buggy. But, still...GEEEZZZ - you think the guy would have stopped me and offered to mix it up. I really REALLY try to avoid Wal-Mart, but it's so much closer than Lowe's. I should have just taken it back over there to mix, but I was afraid I might just smack that clerk upside the head a time or two, so I decided to mix it myself (man, I am stupid) versus spending the night in jail for assault. The paint stick wasn't long enough, so I gave in and just stuck my arm in - up to my elbow. I swished, swished, cussed, swished, swished, cussed and after about 25 minutes, it appeared to be the right consistency. I had to let my arm rest before I could even paint.

The only good thing I can say about today is the the paint roller stick that extends and retracts is awesome. Papaw Gil referred to it as 'his baby' and boy, was he right. It is a handy-dandy little tool! After about 99 hours, I finished "Kilzing" my bedroom. When I painted the last stroke, I'm pretty sure the clouds parted and angels sang or maybe that was the paint fumes. Boy, was I glad to be done. One bedroom down, two to go....

I'm also grumbley because the plumber STILL has not called. I am going to call him tomorrow and see what's up with that.

I am incredibly tired tonight and after painting the ceiling, I'm pretty sure I could spin my head around like that chick in 'The Exorcist' movie. Whiney, whiney little baby I am tonight, so come join me as I wallow in self-pity at my pity party.

Ms. Evil Eyes

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