Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 30

I'm kinda at a stand-still right now. I've taped up everything I can until the bathroom materials are all out of the way. Once the plumber moves the plumbing, the bathroom can be finished - just gotta talk Daddy into moving the door and of course, find a vanity and pick up a toilet.

With all the dust that's floating around from the bathroom, it's going to be hard to paint the main part of the house, so I'm going to try & do the bedrooms while the bathroom is being finished up. This week would be nice!

Today, I spray-painted lots of stuff including some light fixtures. The chandelier really turned out nice. It went from a bronzy color to a nice bright silver. I'm going to pick up some teardrops to go on it to "fancy" it up. Once that's done, I will post pictures.

Speaking of pictures...found my camera cord! It's actually been buried on my desk this whole time - I'm guess I'm more tired than I realize. :-) Here is proof the wall has been moved! Ignore the ugly front door because it's going away. I "inherited" a new door last night - yay!
That's all for today, little man came home from his weekend with his dad, so I'm going to see if he will snuggle up with me and a book. :-D

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