Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 13 - Bathroom Woes

Today has not been a good day, so humor me while I gripe. Daddy had a change of mind and wants to do things his way - which means he is moving the wall, but wants to put the fixtures back pretty much where they were originally which in turn means:

1. I have two dead corners in the bathroom with no use - one of them being the closet we took out to have more space.
2. Your knees will touch the vanity when you use the toilet.
3. I can only have a 36" vanity (vs a 48") so basically no countertop space.
4. The toilet will set out almost a foot from the wall (from the back) which just looks ridiculous.
5. The toilet is too close to the wall on the left-hand side, so you're kinda squeezed in there.

He's wanting to do all of this because he doesn't want to move the cast iron plumbing which I fully acknowledge will be a pain; however, this means everything up to this point has been pointless. The only thing I gain from this layout is a bathtub instead of a shower and I could have done that without taking out the closet or moving the wall. I love my Dad and I hate to turn down free labor, but this just isn't going to work at all.

Since Daddy is working tomorrow, I'm sneaking in a plumber at noon tomorrow to give me a quote. If it's reasonable and I accept, the guy said he will move the plumbing this weekend. Daddy shouldn't be back until Monday and everything will be in place for him to do the finishing work. He's going to have a fit, but I just had the feeling yesterday that he was going to do something like this.

I just want everything done right instead of "what is easiest" since I'm the one who has to sit on the toilet for the next 30 years or more. Know what I mean?

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