Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 26

Before any house updates, I have to share this lovely photo. I met Mom at a local roadside diner for a quick bite to eat before we got started. I hadn't been there in over 10 years. It used to be a 24-hour diner that was a favorite stop after I had been out late street racing cruising in my Z. I just couldn't resist snapping this photo with my cell (so it's not the best quality). It has two pictures of Dale Earnhardt beside one picture of Jesus - on oh-so-lovely wood paneling to boot. Only in Tennessee would Dale and Jesus be hung side by side. Note: I will not be using this decor in my house.
On to the good stuff. Sit down...after twelve days of repeating myself that the only thing that needed to be done was the wall moved and framed up in order for the plumber to come, I came home and TA-DA!!! It was moved!

I can finally call the plumber; however, as I was measuring the bathroom, another layout popped into my head. It would require one of three things:

1. Moving the existing 36" door
2. Using the smaller 30" closet door and walling over the existing 36" door
3. Widening the 30" closet door to be used as the main 36" door and walling over the existing 36" door.

I'm thinking choice three. Of course, I'm really thinking do I dare put myself through more of this crap? I'm going to sleep on it and run it by the plumber to get his thoughts.

I actually finished taping up all of the windows tonight (patting myself on the back). I also taped down the dropcloth on the floor in the guest room. Boy, that's a pain - crawling around on hands and knees - seemed to take forever. Mom removed the remaining carpet nails that had been left behind in the bedrooms.

PS - I took pictures tonight, but I must have laid my camera cord out at my house, so I'll get it and update this post on Thursday.

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