Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 15 - Fiberglass Hurts!

I had three goals today. To come home with a lawn mower, bathtub/shower unit and bathroom vanity. At this point, I'm used to not accomplishing my daily goals, but I was hoping for two out of three. I got one out of three.

The guy I'm buying the lawn mower from wanted to use it one last time today since he hasn't purchased a new one yet; however, the rain has been crazy - off and on all day so he hasn't got to mow his yard yet; however, I know I will get it eventually, so that's in the works.

The vanity...aarrrggghhh! I'm beginning to think I will never find a 42" vanity and I'm too cheap and broke to pay for a custom one to be built. I went about nine million places today with zero luck. I've got one more place to look. If I can't find anything there, then I've got to decide if I want to cram in a 48" and only leave about 8" between the vanity and tub or go down to a 36". I'm really leaning on cramming the 48" in.

For a nifty fifty, I came home with the bathtub/shower unit that has minor cosmetic damage to the bottom corner. Ching ching - saving money since these are $399 and up at most home improvement stores. My dad went with me to pick it up in Ooltewah. The seller helped him load it up, but it was up to me and him when we got back to the house. He had some cloth gloves, but the fiberglass came right through those. On top of that, I was stupid enough to lay my face against the outside of the unit as we carried it in. My face is itching and burning from the fiberglass.

On a side note, I felt real emotional like a soppy mess today. I'm chalking that up to nicotine withdrawals since I haven't gotten back to my wall cleaning yet...or then again, it could have been Daddy's driving to Ooltewah. I thought he was going to take out a couple of bicyclists with the shower that was overhanging the truck bed.

Searching for a vanity took up most of the rest of the day. I did stop by the house late last night & spray paint a couple of projects. One was an ugly brass floor lamp and the other was a child's plastic chair (lunchroom type). The plastic paint really seemed to stick - was wondering if that stuff really works. Both seemed to turn out good, but it was late & I'm tired so they could look like crap when I'm awake and in the daylight tomorrow.

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